Manufacturing for the finest retailers in the nation.

Pampillonia Designs has been manufacturing the highest quality jewelry for the nation’s largest and most respected retailers for decades. A complete jewelry fabrication solution, Pampillonia Designs provides each client with the power and innovation of the newest fabrication technology combined with hundreds of years of know-how and experience.

Private Label Jewelry

Private label designs give the customer a unique shopping experience either online or in the brick and mortar store. Pampillonia Designs is a leader in the industry and the ideal partner for jewelry store everywhere providing their customers with unique and beautiful designs, the best quality, on-time delivery and excellent customer service.

A Complete Jewelry Fabrication Solution

Casting Casting

Clean, quality precious metals sourced from refineries with integrity.

Stone Setting Stone Setting

Setting precious stones and semi-precious stones from melee to large carat in all metals.

Enameling Enameling

Chip resistant durable true custom color mixed enamel applied to any fabricated piece of jewelry.

Laser Marking &<br />Laser Engraving Laser Marking &
Laser Engraving

Custom high detail laser marking for logos, trademarks and inscriptions.

Hand Fabricating Hand Fabricating

Fabrication by hand for the delicate artistry that no machine can replicate.

CAD Rendering &<br /> Rapid Prototyping CAD Rendering &
Rapid Prototyping

Precision and detail used to engineer detail down to the smallest possible scale.